Major Objectives
Major Objectives
Medolico will produce a report on the existing status related to the OMW management in the Mediterranean basin.

Through cross-border exchange of OMW samples and laboratory-scale tests, the project will evaluate the performance of several promising technologies and develop uniform treatment procedures for each of the chosen methods either autonomously or combined with other technologies.

The project will identify the commercial opportunities offered by some of the OMW components (phenols especially) as by-products for other industries (i.e. cosmetics, food, bio fuel).

A report on the valorization of byproducts will be produced.

The project will develop optimized processes on coagulation/flocculation, solar-Fenton oxidation, membrane filtration and JACTO process on bench scale.

Through the project reactors on pilot scale for the mentioned technologies will be designed, manufactured and operated in Cyprus, Israel and Jordan.

The project will evaluate the work on an economic and financial level, trying to identify solutions that are as environmentally-friendly as possible and realistic enough for the olive mills to implement.
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